The Empowering Entrepreneur Brunch Club Networking Event

We’re back!

After a tough year very limited socialisation, networking events were more than likely and inevitably placed on the back burner. But we’re nearly out the other side now so it seems that there is no better time to get back involved with the community of likeminded women around you!

Now more than ever we need we should be supporting not only each other but ourselves! We can’t dismiss our progression anymore so we are going to be holding a networking brunch for all you brilliant female business owners in September 2021!

The event is primarily focusing on how utilising PR & media made a huge impact on multi-business owner and entrepreneur Michelle Niziol.

This event will be just what we all need! We will be running it

It’s time that we bring women together through the hardships this past year has faced, now more than ever we need to support and we are back with our networking events!