Small Business Feature Package

At the Empowering Entrepreneur, we endeavour to support small businesses in every way we can. With our Small Business Feature Package, we will promote your business over our multiple platforms, with a blog post which we write specifically for you.

We want to make sure every woman in business gets the exposure she deserves!

What’s included in the Small Business Feature Package?

Blog Post


We think it’s really important to get a real understanding of your business before we write about it. That’s why we’ll arrange a quick 15 minute phone call with one of the Empowering Entrepreneur team to talk about what you do and run through a few questions.

From this, we will create your blog post! This piece will describe what you do, how your business came to fruition and all about being a female business owner.

This will be posted on our website, and shared across our multiple social media platforms.

Multi- page Social Media Post

We will create a customised multiple page post for our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

This will include excerpts from your blog post interview, photos of your business and promotional material.

Plus, we will include tags to your social media account(s) so people can check out what you do and give you a follow!

Story Feature

As well as creating a permanent post for you which is uploaded to our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin, we will also create a story about your business.

Our stories have high reach and including clickable tags for your business will ensure a large amount of exposure for you.

Story Example

How Do I Get a Small Business Feature on the Empowering Entrepreneur?

If you are interested in a Small Business Feature, fill out our online form here.

Once filled out, we will be in contact to arrange a call to speak more about your business, and discuss the cost of your feature with us.

Alternatively, we offer a FREE Small Business Feature to everyone who purchases a ticket to one of our upcoming networking events.  Check them out here.