Entrepreneur Workshops and Webinars

It’s vital for business growth to take time out from the day to day grind, for reflection and a fresh perspective. Michelle hosts both online entrepreneur webinars and live workshops, full of like-minded entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs!) all with similar issues to overcome.

Benefit from over 15 years of business and sales experience with Michelle’s tried and tested techniques to grow your business with entrepreneur workshops and webinars.

Her entrepreneur workshops and webinars focus on subjects such as –

  • Overcoming objections, and tackling them with confidence
  • Negotiation skills across all aspects of business
  • Perfect pitch, how to get your message across.
  • Growing your team
  • Financing options

Entrepreneur workshops and webinars explore key techniques and methods of better understanding ourselves and how we can begin to shape situations to feel more comfortable. This may be identifying a mentor, exposing yourself to a new environment or simply getting feedback and reassurance from individuals that have succeeded in situations that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Entrepreneur workshops and webinars are also a great space to meet people. They can give you the chance to meet other startup owners who will be happy to give you help and advice based on their own experience. Having a regular exposure among other startups also provides an opportunity to form valuable partnerships.

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Female Business Mentor - Entrepreneur Workshops & Webinars
Entrepreneur Workshops & Webinars
Entrepreneur Workshops & Webinars - female mastermind groups

“Michelle has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and no matter what line of business you are in, I would guarantee she will be able to help you! Really relaxed but yet her advice is so direct and easy to take on board and understand. Michelle has given me so much to take away to progress my business in such a small space of time at her Entrepreneur Workshop! Thank you!” – Shell Snaith