Children’s Enterprise

The Empowering Entrepreneur Children’s Enterprise provides financial and mentoring support to children and teenagers across the country with a business goal of any kind. Young people are not to be underestimated, with many of the world’s top entrepreneurs having initially gained success at a young age, especially in the world of tech.

Children are the leaders of our future, and Michelle is passionate about nurturing evident entrepreneurial drives at any age through her Children’s Enterprise. Michelle can trace her own entrepreneurial drive back to when she was 9 and her first business selling products at car boot sales.

You can donate to help support The Children’s Enterprise here. All donations received will go towards helping children fund their venture ideas. Donors will receive regular updates as to how their money has been used.

As part of the Children’s Enterprise, Michelle regularly speaks at schools, colleges and universities across the UK. In 2020, she is touring the below schools, providing a tailored talk and activities about enterprise and entrepreneurship to inspire young people.

  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Southwold Primary School
  • Twyford Church of England School
  • St Edburgs Church of England School
  • Little Acorns Kingsmere
  • Kings Meadow Primary School
  • The Bicester School
  • Five Acres Primary School
  • Bure Park Primary School
  • Heyford Park Free School
  • Longfields Primary School

If you think you or your child could benefit from the Children’s Enterprise, or would like Michelle to talk at your child’s school, please get in touch via the form below. Schools talks are complimentary, Michelle would love to help.

Children's Enterprise
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“Michelle came into Little Acorns and delivered an engaging and interactive session about where money comes from, what we use it for and the different coins and notes there are. The children had an absolute ball and were engaged throughout. They could not wait to share what they had heard with their parents and families – definitely some budding accountants and bankers at Little Acorns! Thank you so much Michelle and Angela for your time and thought into the Children’s Enterprise. Fantastic to have such a community minded business inspiring young minds.” – Vicky Hodgkins