How to start a business – Online Course


No idea where to start? Lacking the confidence to make the leap as it all feels too unknown? Learn the skills you need to launch your business through Michelle’s engaging, concise videos. Read more below.

There is no instruction manual for starting a business, but this course will provide you with a roadmap including all the information you need to make it a reality, along with checklists and activities to give you the best start.

Don’t let the feeling of being alone hold you back. Don’t be stopped by other people’s opinions or belief in you. Don’t wait for an opportunity – create it.

The course will cover the following modules:

  • What owning a business looks like to you.
  • Creating a business plan – staying accountable.
  • Business structures – what’s right for you?
  • Choose & secure your business name.
  • Brand identity – get noticed.
  • Banking & finance management – know your numbers.
  • Get compliant – getting on top of regulations.
  • Communications – ensure you’re contactable from every angle.
  • Useful systems – save time and money by being efficient.
  • Launch plan – everything you need to press go with impact.
  • Moving forward – we’re with you every step of the way.


“What a useful course! It’s reassured me of all the aspects of launching a business I was nervous about and now I feel like there will be no surprises”
– Katy Wyman.