Female Business Empowerment Days


An exclusive opportunity to attend a business empowerment day with other like-minded female entrepreneurs. Including lunch and plenty of cupcakes! Female empowerment days are proven to help with accountability, and provide a community with support from like-minded individuals. Please note, we do not restrict attendance by industry, or limit professions in an empowerment day, so there may be other people in the group that are in the same line of work as you.


Most people struggle when they work for themselves, to figure out the path they need to take to get their business to the end goal. Female business empowerment days really help with this. They help provide a clear focus and structure, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and also to have accountability. They also provide the perfect place to network!

Female business empowerment days cover any topic a member would like to discuss. These often include –

  • Self belief
  • How to get more clients
  • Focusing on the dream client
  • How to increase your fees based on value
  • Specific marketing strategies
  • How to juggle kids and business
  • How to manage your time when running multiple businesses
  • How you prioritise what’s most important
  • Goal planning
  • Products & services

And many more… No issue is too big to tackle.

“Had an absolutely inspirational day with the fabulous Michelle at the female business empowerment days. Her wealth of knowledge is infinite and her passion for empowering women shines through. Today has given me the fuel for my fire! I can not wait to get started on my next venture! Thanks for being such an inspiration” – Hayley Byrd – Female Business Empowerment Day Attendee