Oxford Female Entrepreneur Group

The Empowering Entrepreneur is an Oxford Female Entrepreneur Group. We have created an incredible community of like minded business women. In our group you can make long lasting friendships with people who ‘get you’.

One of the ways women can meet within our community is at our networking events. We create a positive and inspirational environment with our events. Plus we educate you with two incredible speakers at each event. This means you can take away valuable knowledge and immediately implement this into your business. Furthermore, encourage growth both personally and in business and we create a positive buzz like no other at each event. Also this will keep you motivated for weeks after!

Networking Events – Oxford Female Entrepreneur Group

Our networking events allow you to build powerful relationships. Also with women who have similar business interests as you.

Networking is crucial in your business and personal development. Furthermore, it can open up opportunities to you that you might not be able to find on your own.

Your bespoke network that you will build has the potential to provide you with:

  • Invaluable insights into different fields of work.
  • Information on current trends for you to tap into.
  • Advice and support for you to use to improve professionally.

Consistent networking is a sure-fire way to build your confidence and your business portfolio. Also, you can meet some amazing women and build some lasting relationships. These could go way beyond your business journey.

We love having female professionals speaking at our events! If that interests you then sign up HERE.

And did you know…

We donate 100% of the proceeds from our events to the Princes Trust Women Supporting Women Campaign. This is a cause we hold close to our hearts.

Are you interested in our upcoming events? Oxford Female Entrepreneur Group

You can express your interest in our upcoming networking events here. Furthermore, book onto our June event here.

It’s important to us to make sure every woman in business gets the exposure – take a look at our Small Business Feature Package.

We would love you to join our network of likeminded women. Sign up HERE to keep updated with what we are getting up to!