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Wendy Welpton – Reclaim Movement

By 16/03/2022No Comments

Wendy Welpton seeks to ‘reclaim essential practical movement’ and help people ‘feel empowered in their movements’ with her coaching business, ‘Reclaim Movement’. Wendy discovered the importance of intentional daily movement after a running injury in 2014 which was followed by 4 years of chronic pain. Feeling ’80 years old at 40’ prompted Wendy to take action and she began learning about the practise of ‘natural movement’.

Natural movement, Wendy believes, is the ‘lost ingredient to modern living’. Involving the skills humans are ‘designed’ to perform, natural movement coaching breaks them down into practical techniques – all of which have a range of regressions and progressions. Wendy gained her coaching certification in 2019, and since has been teaching classes in person, on zoom and on ‘on-demand’ platforms. In these classes, Wendy emphasises how nourishing it is to be ‘moving well all day’ rather than partaking in one, heavy session of exercise. She also utilises the tool of social media to deliver practical tips on daily movements people can incorporate into their lives.

Despite now using social media alongside her business, Wendy has not always been receptive to these technologies. As a self-described ‘private’ person, before Reclaim movement, Wendy didn’t even have a personal profile on social media. However, after seeing how beneficial this tool can be for businesses, Wendy utilised her creative skills, which remained from her previous career in marketing, and embraced it.

For budding entrepreneurs, Wendy advises that ‘if you have any inkling that you want to do something, go for it!’ ‘People get held back by themselves’, and to avoid this, we should be brave and pursue our dreams. If we don’t, we’ll never know what we missed out on.