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UK Female-owned businesses growing rapidly

By 26/04/2022April 27th, 2022No Comments
UK Female-owned businesses growing rapidly

UK Female-owned businesses growing rapidly

More women than ever are pursuing self-employment and starting small businesses.

In a review of over 550,000 small business owners and the self-employed, data reveals that the majority of small businesses are founded by men. However, the number of female owners are rising at a faster rate, at 59% versus 51%. This is almost a 10% difference.

The analysis by one of the UK’s largest small business insurance providers, Simply Business, also revealed that from 2018-2022 there has been a large increase in female-owned SMEs. The number has risen 59% overall over the four year period.

The UK economy can thrive by supporting Female-owned businesses

UK Female-owned businesses growing rapidly is of great benefit to our economy. NatWest suggested that increasing female entrepreneurship is one of the biggest opportunities for growing the UK economy. Doubling the number of women-led businesses and increasing their productivity by about 40 per cent would produce around £50bn in GVA. This in turn would add around 50,000 new female entrepreneurs. Plus, 60,000 more women-led businesses in the UK economy by 2030.

Difficulties for UK Female-owned businesses

A study by Simply Business revealed over a fifth (22%) of female entrepreneurs have faced investors, colleagues, or customers making quick assumptions about them. Also underestimating them when compared to their male counterparts.

One in five (20%) also don’t feel they’re taken seriously compared to males in their industry. Furthermore, nearly a fifth (15%) of female entrepreneurs don’t feel they have a loud enough voice. Or they feel they aren’t heard enough compared to men.

What is The Empowering Entrepreneur?

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