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The BEST Way to Spend a Morning – Our Second Networking Event

Yesterday we ran our second, and final networking event of 2021 and it’s safe to say we went out with a bang!  

We are so happy to announce that 100% of the Proceeds from the event are going to The Princes Trust Women Supporting Women initiative, a cause we hold dearly to our hearts! 

Situated at the Cherwell Boathouse in Oxford, this idyllic location was the perfect place to bring together a community of likeminded businesswomen to build long-lasting relationships. 

We were so lucky to be joined by not one, but two incredible speakers this time! Jenny Gordon from Jenuine Consulting kicked off the masterclasses with her light-hearted presentation on Reclaiming Your Brilliance! Her witty metaphors sent waves of laugher around the room from the second she began was the best start to the event. Following Jenny was the highly personable Lisa Benson from The Cotswold Marketing Agency who encouraged everyone to think about how their business could sell more, if they told more of their story! WHY was on everybody’s mind…WHY did they start their business. Delving deeper and deeper into their ‘whys’ everyone left with a more organic understanding of what sparked their passion to start their own business.  

Both presentations were hugely engaging and thought-provoking, they truly outdid themselves! 

Following this we started moving everybody around the tables to start the all-important networking process. Flurries of business cards and genuine engagement filled the room throughout the session and we know so many women left with amazing new relationships. 

The atmosphere and buzz in the room was wonderful and whilst the ultimate goals are for everyone in the room to gain exposure and potential clients/business, we really wanted to emphasise the importance of building long lasting and meaningful relationships with everyone.  

It was truly rewarding seeing how supportive everybody was. So many genuine connections were made and we are excited to continue to build a community of women from all walks of life, brought together by one burning desire; to empower others and be empowered to become the best possible version of themselves in their business. 

Bring on 2022! 

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