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Our Networking Brunch – Thank you for coming!

By 17/09/2021No Comments

This September, we ran our first networking event since before the pandemic and it was a hit! It was amazing to meet so many inspiring business women after such a long time of not being able to network.


We ran a 30 minute PR & media masterclass with the founder of The Empowering Entrepreneur, Michelle Niziol, where she spoke about how media recognition elevated her businesses to where they are today and most importantly how you can implement them into your business to do the same.

After this we encouraged all the women into the room to get to know each other a bit more and network before our yummy brunch!

We finished the event off with getting everyone back up on their feet and networking again. It was truly rewarding to see so many happy faces engaging with one another and exchanging thought, ideas & for some, business cards!

The event was a roaring success and whilst the ultimate goals is for everyone in the room to gain exposure and potential clients/business, we really wanted to emphasise the importance of building long lasting and meaningful relationships with everyone.


At The Empowering Entrepreneur, our goal is to create a community of likeminded women from all walks of life who can come together to support, encourage and ultimately EMPOWER each other to be the bets possible version of themselves in their business.

I really enjoyed Michelles talk, meeting all these fabulous women and the breakfast was really delicious too!


The pictures can give you a mere snapshot of the fun we all had but as you can see it was super fun, super exciting & super rewarding for everyone!

This is just the beginning…

If you came to our event, this is the start of your new networking career that will propel you to where you have always dreamed to be. It is so important that you stick with it and carry on networking when and where you can because once just isn’t enough! If you haven’t started your networking career yet… Why not?

We know how important it is and we have 2 more events planned this year!
We would love to see all your gorgeous faces there so please book in through the links below.
We can’t wait to meet event more of you!