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Oxfordshire schools tour

By 13/01/2020February 21st, 2020No Comments
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One of my key focuses when starting The Empowering Entrepreneur was trying to influence youngsters and encourage their entrepreneurial spirit.

I put the feelers out on social media, to see if there would be an interest in me coming into schools to talk about finance and having the confidence to move forward with an idea. The feedback was just awesome, and I quickly had five bookings for January.

It’s two weeks into January, I have already talked at two schools, and it is THE most fulfilling thing for me. Children need to be nurtured and encouraged that anything is possible. The great thing about many entrepreneurs is they’re not always hugely academic – and they do not suffer for it! If you google many of the top entrepreneurs, they don’t have master’s degrees or PHD’s, in fact many of them don’t even have GCSE’s. And whilst children need to be encouraged to work hard in school and try their very best with their studies – it’s not everything, and not doing well does not mean you will not be successful in life.

The children I have spoken to are between the ages of 9 and 11, and my presentation to them has been about where money comes from (hint – not on trees!), the importance of saving, and confidence. I have always told my children they can do anything – and it’s something I believe should be told to all children!

The kids are fantastic, they’re so engaged, in fact some of the most engaged audiences I have ever talked to! Their parents should be so proud. I was absolutely amazed and inspired by all of them, and they blew me away with their entrepreneurial spirit.

I hope I have given them some food for thought, encouraged them to be confident, to try hard in school and encourage each other.

I am keen on continuing my tour of schools, so if you would like me to visit your children’s school, please drop me a message at