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Our Business Mastermind was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Our mission is to help as many women grow their business to a point they had only dreamed of.

When you are a business owner you spend so much time being ‘in’ your business, you forget to take the critical time out to work ‘on’ your business. So that’s what we wanted to bring to our community of likeminded businesswomen.

The Empowering Entrepreneur held a PR & Media mastermind with the founder Michelle Niziol and her marketing team and we were joined by 3 AMAZING business women, all there to discuss the ins and outs of their business.

Our ultimate goal was to distinguish a niche for each of our business owners to branch out into so they can approach the media with a fresh take on what their business can do.

We had some incredible business breakthroughs, focused on some clear goals & chatted over a delicious lunch!

At The Empowering Entrepreneur, our mission is to support as many business owners as we can to push their businesses to another level and make sure they can continue to grow!

We had the best time and so did everyone who joined us! This is something we are going to continue to in the future and would love to hear from any female business owners on what future events / days / masterminds / courses / training etc that you would want us to host to help grow your business.