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Nicola Kelly – Precious Time Design

With family, work and life in general being very busy, it can be hard to find your groove when looking to decorate your home. At Precious Time Design, Nicola Kelly seeks to alleviate this difficulty by offering local & remote Interior Design services.

Rather than beginning as a business, Precious Time Design begun rather as a hobby. Struggling to balance a part time job and looking after her young son, Nicola sought refuge in her online blog about Interior Design. Then, when people began to enquire about her services as potential clients, the idea of owning her own business planted its seed in Nicola’s head. As this concept grew, Nicola came closer to overwhelm in her current situation. The only solution was to take this into her own hands- and start her own business!

As all creatives know, getting into the right headspace can be difficult, especially if you’re lacking inspiration. Finding the time to allow herself to be creative is something Nicola has found to be a struggle. Owning her own business means Nicola is able to implement all of her own ideas, but this also means choosing which to spend more time on and why. As someone who is so passionate about what she does, with an abundance of inspiration, Nicola finds this part of entrepreneurship complex.

With the difficulties, so too come the benefits. Meeting lots of new people, even remotely over FaceTime, is something that Nicola has grown to love about her business. As her confidence as a business owner developed, so too did her ability to speak about what she does, and thus make connections. Seeing some of her clients rather as friends, Nicola loves this aspect of owning her own business.

To aspiring business owners, Nicola offers short yet powerful advice. ‘Be brave, trust in yourself, make connections and be your biggest ambassador’. Talking about your business to anyone you can, Nicola believes, will both grow your confidence and your client base.

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Phone: 07894206636