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Lucy Welch – The Rise Network

The Rise Network provides retreats to women in business, all over the world. Still in its early stages, the Rise Network will also provide mastermind days, cultural retreats (perfect for solo female travellers), luxury products and community.

Lucy created the Rise Network as another string to her bow of multiple businesses, to continue building her six figure empire. As a retreat host and business coach, plus the creator behind the ‘Females that Rise’ online community, Lucy had plenty of experience, especially within the travel industry, before she recently unveiled her own retreats company.

Long before this, however, Lucy had possessed an entrepreneurial streak. In high school, Lucy made money online by buying jewellery and selling it onwards for a higher price. Having travel as a major motivation, Lucy pushed herself at a young age to achieve her goals.

Despite now possessing a large community of supportive females, when Lucy first began her business, there were few that believed in her goals. Starting out at nineteen certainly didn’t give her an advantage when it came to being taken seriously. The widely accepted stereotype that to be successful you must be loud and confident was a limiting belief for Lucy. However, knowing that successful people take all shapes and forms, Lucy pushed past this. As well as this, Lucy has experienced her fair share of failure throughout the years. Seeing these as learning experiences, she has been able to develop herself and her companies.

The highlights of being a business owner certainly outweigh the difficulties for Lucy. Her favourite part of owning her own business is being able to give people the information that she needed when she began her business journey; helping people find their way through what she has experienced is extremely rewarding.

To new and aspiring business owners, Lucy advises that they should ‘get started and don’t wait for the right time’. Rather than sitting on an idea, Lucy suggests reaching out to a network, or trying something that may push you out of your comfort zone. Without pushing ourselves to do uncomfortable things, Lucy believes, we will never make progress towards our dreams.