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Louise Lewis Nutrition

Louise Lewis is a qualified nutritionist helping stressed out, frazzled professional women to restore their energy, reclaim their calm, and live their life to the full. She uses her method to help women get to the root cause of symptoms and bring things back into balance, empowering them to make long-term changes for their health.

For Louise, it’s been a long journey on the road of entrepreneurship. After spending a large chunk of her career working in publishing, Louise began to question it. This, combined with the onset of panic attacks and anxiety, caused her to seek the help of a doctor, as well as lifestyle support. Following this, she returned to university, while remaining in her full-time job, to retrain as a nutritionist. Studying as well as working caused Louise to burn out. Struggling with her own stress and burnout means that now she can share everything that worked for her – and she’s passionate about spreading the word.

Despite greatly enjoying her previous job, what Louise loves about owning her own company is the genuine excitement that she experiences when working. Never dreading a Monday morning is now something Louise won’t ever take for granted. Plus, the flexibility that she now has, being able to choose the projects she works on, has given Louise an amplified sense of freedom. Lastly, and arguably the most rewarding part of doing what Louise does, is seeing the results she is able to achieve with her clients, a recent customer telling Louise that even her ‘quality of life’ had improved.

The toughest thing that Louise has had to battle on her entrepreneurship journey is the acceptance that she ‘can’t do it all’. Although difficult to come to terms with, Louise now knows that rather than stress about the amount of marketing techniques, social media platforms or events she could be partaking in, she must instead prioritise. Being able to assess the tasks of the highest importance and completing these first is a technique that has become crucial to Louise.

To those thinking about starting their own business, Louise advises that they ‘do it in stages’. The journey will take a while, and won’t be easy, but you’ll get there in the end! She also recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the help of business support- mentors and coaches – and ask those who have done the same about what helped them or what they would have done differently. Louise believes that ‘if she can do it, anyone can!’.

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