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Jenny Gordon – Jenuine Consulting

Jenny Gordon founded Jenuine Consulting in 2015 to help people and business owners reconnect with their ‘brilliance’. This ‘brilliance’ is defined by Jenny to be the ‘unique qualities that make them sparkle’ as a person in business.

Jenny had started her working life as a children’s nurse then worked in research and learning and development before her own business venture began. The act of helping others, anywhere around the world, is something the Jenny has always been drawn to. Then, when she realised she could use her wealth experience to offer service and value to people, the idea of Jenuine Consulting was born.

Helping people reconnect with their brilliance is like a treasure hunt. Jenny’s purpose is to help people search for what is buried beneath the surface, often ‘jewels’ they don’t appreciate are valuable; gems they hide away for a special occasion.  Every day is a special occasion .. so get your jewels out and let them sparkle!

Just from speaking to Jenny on the phone, the passion and excitement she exudes when talking about her role clearly showed why she choose this path. However, it hasn’t always been an easy journey for her. Homing in on her message and accepting that she can’t help everybody was a hurdle Jenny has had to overcome on the way. Understanding that she’s ‘not everyone’s cup of tea’ has been a valuable lesson for Jenny.


The best part about being an entrepreneur for Jenny is the people I get to work with. The impact that she is able to have on people’s lives and their businesses – The ‘I’ve never considered that before, now I understand!’ – is where Jenny finds most satisfaction. Shifting perspectives and making business fun is what Jenuine Consulting finds most fulfilling.

For new and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jenny advises that they know when to ask for help. Despite the pressure to do it all ourselves, Jenny invites entrepreneurs to explore what they are brilliant at, and for everything else ask those with more expertise for support! This way, Jenny believes, our businesses will grow, flourish and be brilliant!