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Jatinder Creates – Jatinder Kailey

‘Illustrating her way through South Asia’, Jatinder Kailey’s small business ‘Jatinder Creates’ specialises in South Asian inspired illustration prints, greeting cards and stickers. Her colourful and current designs are truly a joy to pore over.

Jatinder admits ‘starting her own business hasn’t always been a dream of [hers]’ yet now she has, she is so glad she did. Furloughed in London from a job which focussed on community engagement, Jatinder felt that this was time she must utilise- and art was a great place to escape to. After beginning to post her creations on her own Instagram, friends and family begun to request personal prints and greeting cards. This, combined with encouragement from her partner, gave Jatinder the push she needed to begin her small business journey.


With support from family and friends, and a genuine passion and enjoyment for what she did, it would be hard to see how certain aspects of running a small business would be difficult for Jatinder. However, getting her head around setting up ‘Jatinder Creates’ is something that Jatinder continues to find challenging. As a small business owner going it alone, it’s certainly a lot to take on!


With the hurdles, however, come the highlights. Jatinder loves being able to set her own goals then see her ideas come to life, something not everyone is able to enjoy in their work. She also basks in the friendliness of the artist community she has found online. Being able to reach out to creators she admires and ask for advice is certainly something she doesn’t take for granted!



‘Just bite the bullet’, says Jatinder to those who seek to one day set up their own business. ‘You’ll make lots of mistakes and that’s okay’, she continues, ‘you’ll learn from it’. Jatinder is surely representative of the wonderful work she creates; a true beacon of light.