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Frame Your World Company – Leanne Macduff

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Frame Your World Company is a small business with a big vision: To be a light to the world telling stories that drive creativity and empower future generations to frame their words so they can frame their world. The business was launched by Leanne MacDuff with the help of the Prince’s Trust in 2016, and two years ago it became a limited company.

A gift and stationery business based in a home studio in Oxfordshire, Frame Your World make and sell their hand-illustrated and lettering designs across a range of products, online and at local craft markets. Their mission goes beyond products and design – they seek also to entertain, inspire, and teach others through the power of story & creativity. Through Patreon, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram and their podcast they aim to tell stories and build a community that makes a positive impact.

Leanne, having always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, was working multiple fixed-term contracts in London. Being strapped for cash with a friend’s birthday coming up, she decided to get creative and put her skills to use. Making a personalised print and framing it, it was her friend’s reaction to the gift that got Leanne thinking. If her friend loved this as a gift so much, how many other people would?

Passion was what fuelled Leanne to start Frame Your World and was what helped her overcome her biggest hurdle. Having encountered personal challenges for two years in the early days of her business, Leanne moved to Oxford and obtained a full-time job. With this newfound structure to her life, she was able to find her focus and channel her passion into her business.

Despite her initial struggles, Leanne delights in being a business owner. Waking up every day and doing something she loves is her favourite thing about being an entrepreneur. But even more importantly, Leanne takes great pleasure in knowing she has touched, and made a difference in the lives of people she’s never met.

To those who are looking to start their own business, Leanne gives a simple but powerful piece of advice – ‘Go after what you’re passionate about’. As, after all, passion changes everything.

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