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Five Acres School Superstars!

By 04/03/2020March 20th, 2020No Comments

This morning was a big one for me! I was invited by Mr Darrell Wood, the head teacher of Five Acres Primary School in Ambrosden, to give a talk at their assembly. Five Acres School is just a couple of miles outside Bicester, and around a third of their pupils are from service families based at the nearby army garrisons. Their mission is to nurture the potential of every child in a secure, happy and inspiring environment. So I came in for a dose of entrepreneurial inspiration!

Five Acres School Talk

There were around 150 Five Acres school children in the assembly and they were the most excitable and chattiest crowd of children I’ve spoken with so far – I got them riled up so much and they loved chatting through it!

My presentation to Five Acres School was about where money comes from (hint – not on trees!), the importance of saving and confidence. I have always told my children they can do anything – and it’s something I believe should be told to all children! A child should never be told they can’t do something, in most cases it wont make them want to prove you wrong, but crush their spirit.

Although they are too young to have money worries, I believe it’s imperative to share the message of saving, as it brings not just financial security, but also mental security knowing you can make it through if the worst happens – even more important with what’s going on in the world right now.

I hope I have given the children of Five Acres School some food for thought, encouraged them to be confident and not be embarrassed by other children’s opinions and to try hard in school and encourage each other. Thanks for having me, Mr Wood!

Five Acres School Talk

I’m not stopping at Five Acres School, I am keen on continuing my tour of schools, so if you would like me to visit your children’s school in either late 2020 or 2021, please drop me a message at