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Ducky Zebra – Sally Dear

Ducky Zebra was built by Sally Dear to create colourful, organic clothes for kind, confident kids between the ages of 0 and 6 years old. Why? Girls’ clothes are often pink, cute and impractical. They promote kindness, but not always confidence. Boys’ clothes are often blue, aggressive and adventure seeking. They promote confidence, but not always kindness. At Ducky Zebra these two characteristics are brought together, allowing all children, whatever their gender, to celebrate kindness and confidence.

Sally has always been passionate about gender equality and recognised the gravity of the situation when her own daughter suggested that she wouldn’t be able to be a taxi driver when she grew up because it was ‘a boy’s job’. After realising how many external factors in her daughter’s life suggested similar themes, like in tv and books, Sally decided to combat the issue in the best way she could – through children’s clothing. Replacing pink and pastels with themes that rather promoted confidence, Ducky Zebra was born. However, after seeing that the issue was not limited to girls’ clothing, boys being forced to wear darker clothing promoting themes of aggression, Sally decided to produce clothes for both genders.

The road of being a business owner has not been easy for Sally. Instead, it has included bumps in the form of external factors that cannot be controlled. Pushing their initial launch back and causing the multiple closures of the small family run factory in India with which they work, the COVID-19 pandemic has not been kind to new businesses like Ducky Zebra. Balancing these setbacks, paired with the responsibility of freelancing and home-schooling has certainly been a challenge. However, Sally as a constant optimist has drawn many positives from these issues. With the return to the ‘simpler’ things in life which many embraced during the first lockdown, Ducky Zebra took these new favoured hobbies like baking and cycling and turned them into a collection. Furthermore, the setback of the initial launch date meant that Sally had time to build a brand awareness of Ducky Zebra, which promoted the brand’s ethos and goals rather than just their products.

To new and aspiring business owners, Sally gives profound advice. ‘Don’t overthink it, try it, be open to making mistakes, learn from these mistakes and STAY POSITIVE’. It’s this positivity which truly encapsulates Ducky Zebra and all they strive for, and this optimism which has got Sally to where she is today.