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Dipika Tripathi – Sure B2B

By 23/09/2021January 10th, 2022No Comments

In the midst of a global pandemic, Dipika Tripathi, with two other business partners, created Sure B2B, a virtual events business. Providing insights, research, virtual roundtables and conferences for companies within the Industrial sectors, Sure B2B has filled a gap in the market that everyone needed- but nobody was aware of. With a major focus too on Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Sure B2B provides far more than just events.

Like many others during the pandemic, Dipika faced changes to her profession, so with two other ex-employees, she went on to create Sure B2B. With enough relevant experience in the industry they sought to infiltrate, Dipika and her business saw the need for virtual events, and fulfilled it. Within the world of industrial business, trade shows were hugely popular, but with the onset of lockdowns and fear of virus transmission, this kind of event had seen a massive decline. Dipika, through Sure B2B, sought to take this kind of event online, to ensure continued growth of networks and industry knowledge.

During the creation of Sure B2B, Dipika began to see what her biggest difficulty would be as a business owner. Whilst previously being ‘cogs’ in the greater machine of their previous employment, Dipika and her business partners were now the machine itself. This change of mindset, as well as the adaptability and responsibility of setting immediate and future goals for the business, was something Dipika initially struggled with. However, she soon came to realise that this was crucially required of her as a business owner.

Being a young, agile team, Dipika loves how quickly they are able to make decisions. The way they are able to work as business owners in charge of the ‘machine’, plus the progression they make in such short periods is Dipika’s favourite part of being a business owner.

Dipika is a big believer in ‘listening to your gut’ and to aspiring business owners she returns to this metaphor. ‘If you have that gut feeling, just do it’.

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