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Bloom Fitness- Louise Zakine

Bloom Fitness is Louise Zakine’s personal training business where she empowers women through exercising and having a good relationship with food. Run from her garden studio, Louise promotes the importance of both mental and physical health through her personal training sessions and nutritional advice.

Starting Bloom Fitness is something Louise has always wanted to do. However, what finally pushed her to create her own business was the birth of her first child. Wanting to work around her family, rather than her family having to work around her, Louise started Bloom Fitness. After her move from Lincolnshire to Oxford, she began work in a primary school, but missed her own business so much that she returned to it.

For Louise, the hardest part of being a business owner is reaching out and getting herself known. Although she is deeply passionate about what she does, it can be difficult to sell herself and her business.

However, Louise finds nothing more satisfying than seeing a client at the end of a session, exhausted, but with a huge smile on their face. Being aware of the infinite benefits that exercise and correct nutrition have, it brings Louise so much joy seeing these manifest those she trains.

Louise’s advice for those who seek to start their own business is ‘be passionate’ Just hearing Louise speak about Bloom Fitness, it’s clear how passionate she is about her business, and how she has got to where she is today.