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Another amazing Empowerment Day!

By 02/03/2020March 20th, 2020No Comments
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Last week I hosted my second Business Empowerment Day at The Empowering Entrepreneur and the day was total magic. Business empowerment days are proven to help with accountability and provide a community with support from like-minded individuals.

We had some wonderful ladies taking very different paths at very different stages of their businesses, but I’m glad to say they all gained a lot from the business empowerment day, and nearly all of them have signed up to 1-2-1 mentoring so we can further progress their businesses together!

Business Empowerment Day

The ladies businesses included a hot tub specialist, antenatal business, equine specialist and a photographer, a real mix, but all with something to gain and something to give.

Three of the ladies at the business empowerment day were at the very early stages of setting up their businesses, so it was great to cover some of the key topics – Self belief, How to get more clients, Focusing on the dream client, How to increase your fees based on value, Specific marketing strategies, How to juggle kids and business, How to manage your time when running multiple businesses, how you prioritise what’s most important?, Goal planning, Products & services and many more…

Here’s what they had to say –

Thanks for joining my business empowerment day ladies, so great to have you all on board and watch your businesses continue to flourish! Looking forward to working with you over the coming months and seeing what you can achieve.

Where can I join the next Business Empowerment Day?

The next female business empowerment day is going to be held on Wednesday 29th April at Michelle’s office in Bicester, and it will include a day long session with other female entrepreneurs, lunch and copious amounts of Michelle’s favourite cupcakes! The day is just £197 for the day, and you can join the group here.