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Alexandra Bebb – The Cotswold Skin Clinic

By 27/01/2022No Comments

Alexandra Bebb is the owner of the Cotswold Skin Clinic, which specialises in aesthetic treatments. Her holistic view of skin was the inspiration behind the clinic, and with this she aims to remove the stigma around women and beauty treatments. Women should be able to receive treatments that make them feel empowered without judgement.

Alexandra believes, ‘if it makes them feel great, that’s great!’.

The impetus behind Alexandra’s creation of the clinic was her experience in nursing and the arrival of her children. Previously working in the intensive care unit for babies and children, Alexandra’s life was very busy, and when her daughter fell ill, she had little to no support. Alexandra then went on to set up a women’s support group, and from there combined her interest in beauty and nursing to create her clinic.

This transition however, from intensive care to her own business, was not an easy one for Alexandra. Being used to having a large team work around her, it was a challenge to begin working alone and having to make all her own decisions.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Alexandra recommends that they stay true to what they believe in – ‘whatever your vision or ethos is- stick to it!’. Doing this has allowed Alexandra to stay focussed on her goals and grow her business, whilst still remaining one with her personal ethos.