I’m not UK based, does this matter?

Our course does have links through to UK based sites, mainly when it comes to finance, but the majority of the course will be relevant to you wherever you are!

What makes this course different to the many others I’ve seen?

It’s concise, easy to follow and digest, and speaks from experience, not textbooks.

What style is the course?

It’s video and interactive worksheet based – nothing boring round here!

Do I need any specialist software to use the course?

Nope, just your computer, tablet or phone. We do advise you save the worksheet to Evernote, which will involved setting up an Evernote account, but this will only take 2 minutes, and is free!

I already have a business, will the How to Start a Business course help me?

The course does take you through all the steps involved in starting a business, some of which you may find you have already done. We suggest you read the module breakdown here and see if you think it could still be beneficial to you.

Once I complete the course, will I still have access to it?

Of course! You will be sent an email with details on how to access the course, which will always be active. You can also print the worksheets and save them to Evernote so you can edit them as you progress.

If I would like more support once I have completed the course, is this available?

Yes. You can either request a 1-2-1 strategy call with Michelle, sign up to mentoring, or join a female business empowerment day.


Do you host physical events?

We do! Keep an eye on our services page for all the latest event information.

I’d love to get involved; how can I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from any potential partners. Please get in touch at help@theempoweringentrepreneur.co.uk

I'd love Michelle to talk at my event / school. How can I book this?

Please complete the form here, and we will be in touch!

I'm nervous I'm not experienced enough to join a business empowerment day, what level of experience do I need?

If you own a business, or are in the process of setting up a business, you’re qualified. No business is too small or too big to take advantage of the sessions. The sessions are confidential and Michelle will ensure you feel relaxed and confident enough to gain as much help as possible.